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BUSINESS SECURITY Ltd. offers quality services always ensuring privacy and legitimacy.

The fees are calculated for each client individually depending on the degree of complexity of the task and the client’s requirements.

We invite both private individuals and companies to become our clients.


Detective services:

1) collecting information for civil and criminal cases;
2) tracing missing people and crime committers;
3) crime related fact finding and identity verification;
4) consulting businesses and private individuals in security issues;
5) detecting cases of unfair competition and illegal business activities;
6) collecting information on businesses and private individuals before the conclusion of employment or other civil-law agreements; business and individual solvency check;
7) checking the materials of the cases related to the performance of insurance contracts and the awarding of compensatory damages;
8) tracing businesses and private individuals’ property that has been illegally alienated;
9) other services that comply with the laws of the Republic of Latvia and other countries in which these services are provided.


Legal services

1) spoken and written legal consulting;
2) conducting meetings and negotiations on behalf of our clients to resolve disputes out of court;
3) litigation support in civil legal proceedings in first instance and appellate courts;
4) representing the interests of the victim in criminal proceedings;
5) preparing and submitting documents for civil court trials;
6) filing appeals against court judgments and other decisions with appellate courts;
7) preparing and submitting documents to enforcement officers to enforce court orders;
8) drafting and preparing legal documents (complaints, caution notices, contracts, etc.);
9) other legal services.


Physical and technical security services

To provide these services our company will offer the best solution of the particular task involving subsidiaries or partners.
1) physical security of premises;
2) physical security of events;
3) consulting in the issues of physical and technical security;
4) preparing necessary documents (suggestions, expert reports, instructions, etc.);
5) security guard briefing.


Our clients – entrepreneurs, companies and private individuals

Your reliable ally in security with over 20 years of history

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